The Digital Asset of The Open Application Network

The OAN and Aion provide a new shared infrastructure for solving the unintended consequences of platform economies.

Where we stand

In today’s crowded and undifferentiated digital asset ecosystem, Aion introduces a distinct category of Open Applications.

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The OAN runs on Aion. As the native digital asset of The Open Application Network, Aion is used to secure and access the network.

The OAN is a public infrastructure that creates a new design space for Open Applications. As a public system, a global community of individuals, software companies, and institutions secure and maintain the operations of the network. The critical functions are enabled and incentivized through Aion. The usage of the network is metered and paid in Aion, compensating those contributing to its operations.

A Leading Digital Asset

The OAN is solving the unintended consequences of today’s platform economies. As its economic underpinning, Aion is positioned as a leading digital asset backed by real usage today.